Our fine and pleasant breeding mares are carefully selected based on exterior, temperament, merits and pedigrees. Scroll down the page to read more about each mare.

Action Please head black LSH_0478-web
Action Please body pasture LSH_0490-web
Action Please head pasture LSH_0515-web
Action Please
Action Please_stop
Action please_cow horse
Action please_americana
Action Please with foal
Action Please Pedigree AQHA GJ 2020-03-07-1

Action Please


Just as the name says, Action Please is a powerful mare with international merits. She is strongly built with a lot of cow sense. She is cow bred after the stallion Chic Please. "Action" has a long showing career and has been shown at the European Championship of American Quarterhorses in Kreuth, Germany (1st place with 75 points). She has amazing offspring’s that have been in shows all across Europe. Her breed is cow horse, cutting and reining. LTE: $240+

Action Please Quartersto Lakeside Horses
Gunners Shiney Brunett head black LSH_0375-web
Gunners Shiney Brunett body pasture LSH_0394-web
Gunners Shiney Brunett head pasture LSH_0419-web
Gunners Shiney Brunett at show
Gunners Shiney Brunett Pedigree AQHA GJ 2021-01-29-1

Gunners Shiney Brunett


Gunners Shiney Brunett is a sweet mare with strong stops and a soft loop. She is an eager and a responsive individual with an athletic body, which makes her maneuvers such as lead changes and circles into a dance. "Dolly" was shown in the United States on High Roller Reining in Las Vegas (Nevada), NRBC in Katy (Texas) and South West Futurity Level 2 +3 where she won in 2017. LTE: $20,000+

Gunners Shiney Brunett lakeside Horses Quartersto
PL Gunnatrashya Donna head black LSH-615-web
PL Gunnatrashya Donna body pasture LSH-634-web
PL Gunnatrashya Donna head pasture LSH-646-web
PL Gunnastrashya Donna
PL Gunnatrashya Donna Pedigree AQHA GJ 2021-07-15-1
PL Gunnatrashya Donna Pedigree APHA GJ 2021-07-15-1

PL Gunnatrashya Donna


PL Gunnastrashya Donna is a very talented horse that we have imported from Italy. She has been shown at both at the Italian pre-Futurity and the Italian Futurity with great results; IRHA Prefuturity (Level 2), Italian IRHA Futurity (Level 3) and LR Futurity (Level 4). This mare has nice movements, a lot of power, soft lead changes and powerful deep stops. “Nagini” is double registered APHA and AQHA. LTE: $200+

Gunnastrashya donna Lakeside Horses Quartersto
Gunnatrasha Lakeside Horses Quartersto
Wimpys Golden Baby head black LSH_0526-web
Wimopys Golden Baby body pasture LSH_0556-web
Wimpys Golden Baby head pasture LSH_0587-web
Wimpys Golden Baby Pedigree AQHA GJ 2019-10-07-1

Wimpys Golden Baby


Wimpy's Golden Baby is a beautiful mare that attracts the eye. She has a lot of weight and strength with a powerful body but with an incredibly soft and loving personality. "Wimpy" has a very nice pedigree and is suitable for breeding in both cow horse and reining.

Wimpys Golden Baby Lakeside Horses Quartersto
Rosa May Flash head pasture SH_0123-web
Rosa May Flash body pasture LSH_0109-web
Rosa May Flash_LakesideHorses
Rosa May Flash
Rosa May Flash Pedigree AQHA GJ 2019-01-03-1

Rosa May Flash


"Rosie" is a very nice mare who has generated three very nice foals. Her latest foal is with the stallion Unxpected (full brother of The Rock - World Champion Western Pleasure). Rosa May Flash is out of the stallion Radical Rodder which is multiple World Champion Sire as well as World Champion Senior Western Pleasure.

Rosa May Flash Lakeside Horses Quartersto
Lil Gun Spook head black LSH_0268-web
Lil Gun Spook body pasture LSH_0278-web
Lil Gun Spook head pasture LSH_0362-web
Lil Gun Spook (Louisa) kropp sidan sociala medier-42
Lil Gun Spook Pedigree AQHA 2022-12-20-1

Lil Gun Spook


Lil Gun Spook is a loving and intelligent mare, who always comes first to us in the pasture. "Louisa" has it naturally easy for both spin and lead changes and has entered DRHA shows. With her petite body, she is great for a small rider. LTE: $170+

Lil Gun Spook Lakeside Horses Quartersto
LAdy Santabellum head black LSH-795-web
Lady Santabellum body pasture LSH-814-web
Lady Santabellum head pasture LSH-817-web
Lady Santabellum (BabyBel) huvud-66
Lady Santabellum Pedigree AQHA GJ 2019-11-02-1

Lady Santabellum


Lady Santabellum is a responsive, honest, and cooperative mare with smooth movements and a great talent. "BabyBel" was shown as a 4-year-old at the ARHA Western Star Futurity Show level 4 with a score of 215.5 points. Although BabyBel didn't have much show experience before, she was 100% focused and delivered beyond expectations. LTE: $830+

Lady Santebellum Lakeside Horses Quartersto
Chicolena Step head black LSH-702-web
Chicolena Step body pasture LSH-715-web
Chicolena Step head pasture LSH-747-web
Chicolena Step with foal Shotgun Lena
Chicolena Step Pedigreee AQHA GJ 2019-11-02-1

Chicolena Step


With her soft, fearless and steady temperament, Chicolena Step is a horse that can be trusted at all times. "Leni" has very good stops and very good steps in her spin. She has merits in the Open Reining AQHA and has won the EWU Junior Ranch Riding with a score of 73 points. She is the mother of our two-year old Shotgun Lena, who we see has great potential for shows in the future.

Chicolena Step Lakeside Horses Quartersto
AAJ Silver N Zan body pasture LSH-914-web
AAJ Silver N Zan head black LSH-888-web
AAJ Silver N Zan head pasture LSH-917-web
AAJ Silver N Zan with foal Junior

AAJ Silver N Zan


AAJ Silver N Zan is bred in Sweden and has been in our ownership since 2015. "Silver" is calm and safe to handle and at the same time fast and smooth to ride, the best of two worlds. With her sweet personality and strong body, she is well suited for breeding slightly taller Quarter horses with great minds that are suitable for both cow horse and reining.

LH Shotgun Lena (Shotgun) kropp framifrån 2-93
LH Shotgun Lena (Shotgun) huvudbild sida sociala medier-81
LH Shotgun Lena (Shotgun) huvudbild snett framifrån sociala medier-84
LH Shotgun Lena kropp sida
LH Shotgun Lena

LH Shotgun Lena

LH Shotgun Lena is Lakeside Horse's own breeding that we have chosen to keep as she is very promising. Both the mare/mother (Chicolena Step) and the stallion/father (Black Gotta Gun) have performed at shows in Europe. Black Gotta Gun was sold due to his talent in early 2022 to Texas, USA.

We look forward to letting LH Shotgun Lena, with her competent pedigree and characteristic looks, be trained and showed by professional riders before it is time for her first foal.

Tantonkas First Nite

Action Queen Cowboy head black LSH_0431-web
Action Queen Cowboy body pasture LSH_0452-web
Action Queen Cowboy head pasture LSH_0469-web
Action Queen Cowboy show DRHA 2022
Action Queen Cowboy show Euro Paint 2022
Action Queen Cowboy, Certifcate APHA-1

Action Queen Cowboy


Action Queen Cowboy, who is the sister of our stallion Cromeds Cowboy, is a calm and safe American paint mare who always wants to do her best. "Queen" is both cow horse and reining bred and has shown talent for both. She has a naturally strong and powerful body with soft gaits and lead changes, she stops big and is strong in the spin. Action Queen Cowboy is at the beginning of her show career and has been shown at DRHA competitions, NRHA Germany and at the American Paint Horse Championship in 2022.

Action Queen Cowboy Lakeside Horses Quartersto


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