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LH Wimpys Black Step
LH Wimpys Black Step
LH Wimpys Black Step foal
LH Wimpys Black Step
LH Wimpys Black Step 2022 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Wimpys Black Step

"Blacky" will grow up to be a really good-looking and strong horse, just like his father Black Gotta Gun. He has a compact, muscular, and athletic body and has the potential to perform at the top in reining! Blacky is paid to the German Breeders Futurity and NRHA European Futurity.

LH Wimpys Black Step Quarter Lakeside Horses
LH Unxpected Flash body right
LH Unxpected Flash
LH Unxpected Flash body right side
LH Unxpected Flash head turned
LH Unxpected Flash winter
LH Unxpected Flash 2022 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Unxpected Flash

"Uno" is a loving stallion who is eager and uncomplicated in all handling. He likes to hang out and cuddle with both horses and people. The swirl shaped heart on his hind fits his personality nicely! With the long legs and the correct body, combined with the pedigree, he cannot become anything but number one in the performance classes!

LH Unxpected Flash Quarterföl Lakeside Horses
LH Twisted Black Gun
LH Twisted Black Gun front 3 -4
LH Twisted Black Gun 2022 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Twisted Black Gun

"Gina" is a small and powerful horse that will be able to deliver at the top in several disciplines such as cow horse, reining, roping, ranch work, trail etc. She has gained the strength and agility of both her parents in a slightly slimmer body. She is alert, social and fresh in all handling, and in addition, she has a very cute and appealing appearance!

LH Twisted Black Gun Quarter Lakeside Horses
LH Smoking Gun
LH Smoking Cowgirl front 3 -4-2
LH Smoking Cowgirl head-2
LH Smoking Cowgirl 2022 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Smoking Cowgirl

"Sunshine" is social and forward. She is the first to greet everyone and does not say no to a cuddle or to discover new things. She already has a lot of strength, power, and energy in her movements. With two very well-qualified parents and her positive curiosity, we look forward to see what Sunshine will perform at the shows! Sunshine is paid into the German Breeders Futurity and NRHA European Futurity.

LH smoking Cowgirl Quarterföl Lakeside Horses
LH Peppy Zan Cowboy side right
LH Peppy Zan Cowboy front 3 -4
LH Peppy Zan Cowboy with mare
LH Peppy Zan Cowboy 2022 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Peppy Zan Cowboy

"Peppy" is a perfect combination of his parents - powerful, well-built, and kind like his mother and athletic and strong like his dad. Peppy will be a large stallion or gelding perfect for both reining and ranch and trail disciplines. He is one of the few offspring’s of Cromed's Cowboy that is buckskin.

LH Peppy Zan Cowboy Quarter Lakeside Horses
LH Wimpys Golden Baby front 3 -4_
LH Wimpys Golden Baby foal
LH Wimpys Golden Baby front body 3 -4
LH Wimpys Golden Cowboy 2021 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Wimpys Golden Cowboy

"Golden" is a responsive, attentive, and easy-to-learn horse who clearly shows that he wants to try to understand and do the right thing right away. If you give him a safe affirmation, he follows you at every step. He is strongly built, with a high and striking appearance. A real "eye catcher", show partner and true best friend all in one! Golden is paid into the German Breeders Futurity.

LH Wimpys Golden Cowboy Quarter Lakeside Horses
LH Silver Cromegirl front
LH Silver Cromegirl body right
LH Silver Cromegirl body front 3 -4
LH Silver Cromegirl head + body front
LH Silver Cromegirl foal front
LH Silver Cromegirl 2020 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Silver Cromegirl

"Zanzi" has inherited both his mother and father's safe, kind and soft nature. She is strong, well-built and correct in her body. With her curious and eager personality, she will be well suited for both reining and all-round disciplines such as ranch riding and ranch trail, a good non pro horse.

LH Silver Cromegirl Quarter Lakeside Horses
its too darn Hot
Its Too Darn Hot front 3 - 4
LH Its Too Darn Hot body side
LH Its Too Darn Hot head
LH Its Too Darn Hot body side 2023
LH Its Too Darn Hot AQHA Certificate-1


Its Too Darn Hot

Its Too Darn Hot is a direct offspring of the stallion Hot Ones Only - the only stallion to be a nine-time world champion and thirteen-time Congress Champion, titled "THE MOST WINNING STALLION IN AQHA HISTORY". "Nemo" is an incredibly kind horse with a strong body and a good mind. He is easy to ride and loves to be with people, a horse that always says yes. 

Nemo has been a stallion until recently but there are frozen semen for sale. Its Too Darn Hot has been in training with Lena Wolff Performance Horses since autumn 2021 and will be shown in the spring of 2023.

It´s to darn hot Quarter Lakeside Horses
LH Secret Heart Of Action body right side
LH Secret Heart Of Action head
LH Secret Heart Of Action body left side
Secret heart of action


LH Secret Heart Of Action


"Hjärtat" is the horse with the big heart. She does everything for her human when you show that you deserve it. She has a powerful personality in a powerful, muscular, and athletic body. "Hjärtat" is willing to work, positive and is easy to learn new things. She enjoys being given a task and working with her human - especially on cows. Hjärtat will make a name for her pedigree and show herself at the top within the cow disciplines.

LH Silver N Whiz in pasture
LH Silver N Whiz showwin Hälldala
LH Silver N Whiz with saddle
LH Silver N Whiz 2016 AQHA Certificate-1


LH Silver N Whiz


"Junior" is a positive and hardworking horse who always stands up and has soft fine movements. With his ears pointed and curious looks, he is easy to like, this in combination with a well-built and correct body with a sporty "touch".

LH Silver N Whiz Quarter Lakeside Horses
LH Shine Cowboy Shine
LH Shine Cowboy Shine_sida
LH Shine Cowboy Shine_foal
LH Shine Cowboy Shine AQHA Certificate -1


LH Shine Cowboy Shine


"Teddy" is kind, confident, fearless and a copy of his father Cromed's Cowboy. Teddy likes to hang out with humans and to cuddle a lot. He has inherited Cowboys' good looks, powerful physique, strong movements, and steadiness. Teddy never says no to training and his strength makes it easy for him to perform, he is paid into the German Breeders Futurity and NRHA European Futurity. 

LH Shine Cowboy shine Quarter Lakeside Horses
Novas LeeLoo body front1
Novas LeeLoo body side
Novas LeeLoo as foal head front. snow


LH Nova´s LeeLoo

"LeeLoo" is lively and alert with a lot of bounce in her body. She is a perfect combination of thoroughbred and quarter. With her long legs and slimmer but still muscular build, LeeLoo will be fantastic in, for example, jumping, eventing or galloping. LeeLoo is soft and kind in all handling.




Tonight (Totte) is a fantastically nice KWPN who has competed in FEI St. George, FEI Intermédiaire II and FEI Grand Prix. Tonight is a happy and alert horse.He is easy to take out for trail a ride, both alone and in a group. He is effortless to load on the trailer and gentle with the farrier. Tonight is a fantastic teacher, with both engine and brake, who loves to be ridden.


You are welcome to contact us with questions about our breeding, our mares, foals, and stallions or book a meeting at our facility outside Malmö in Skåne.