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Beautifully located by Lake Yddingesjön is Lakeside Horses. Here the horses are allowed to walk in large grass paddocks together as a herd.

Our ambition is to both produce horses for the professional western riders and breed nice riding horses for the enthusiastic amateur. We simply have Quarter and Paint horses in all price ranges and models.

Lakeside Horses

Summer pasture

During the summer months, it is possible to let your horse stretch his or her legs in wild gallop with the flock, take a cool dip in the lake and eat lovely green grass at our summer pastures!

Sommarbete Lakeside Horses
Sommarbete Lakeside Horses
Sommarbete Lakeside Horses
Sommarbete Lakeside Horses
Sommarbete Lakeside Horses
Hästtransport lakeside Horses

Lakeside Horses

Horse transportation

We offer transport of your horse or your mare and foal. Before it is time for the next horse to be transported, the vehicle's spaces are washed and disinfected. We have a 2-horse truck from Horsepartner of 2021 model with stud decor including sliding walls, camera surveillance, electrical ventilation, lighting in white and blue light, first aid for horses, several fire extinguishers etc.

We also have 2 trailers from Fautras (2 horses). In one, the horses stand on the diagonal for a more comfortable journey. The second has an aid system for easy loading.

The horse must be insured and fully vaccinated during transport. Saddle chambers are available so you can carry your equipment with you.

Contact us for price information / inquiry / booking.


You are welcome to contact us if you want to collaborate! 

Dynavena Lakeside Horses


Lakeside Horses has been using high quality horse feed with carefully assembled nutrients and selected raw materials from Dynavena for many years. Their feed is free of GMA and preservatives and gives the horse what it needs for optimal well-being. 

Each horse we sell will come with a sample bag of Dynavena feed of 20 kg and accessories.

Sveland Lakeside Horses


We have all our horses and foals fully insured in Sveland Animal Insurance. The foals are already insured when they are in the stomach of the mare. Our facility is inspected and approved by Sveland Sustainable Stall. 

Every horse we sell gets an offer with a very favorable discount on horse insurance at Sveland as well as a halter and a cooler.

All That western Lakeside Horses


All That Western has specialized in products for the western riding sports. With its solid range of high quality, they are the leading supplier in the Nordic region of equipment, clothing, and accessories for western users. 

Every horse, young horse, and foal we sell gets a starter kit with products from All That Western.

Moreno Horses Lakeside Horses


Moreno has solid knowledge both as a farrier and with handling and training of horses. With emotion and dedication, he takes care of each individual horse based on their needs and conditions. We have great confidence in Moreno's methods and the flexibility he shows in handling the different life stages of our horses. For example, foals require an extra eye and knowledge when it comes to shoeing as well as experience and patience to build trust.

Verena Klein Lakeside Horses


The collaboration between Verena Klein Reininghorses and Lakeside Horses started when we bought Verena's competition mare Chicolena Step a few years ago. We really value all the experience and knowledge of horses and the reining discipline that Verena Klein has. Verena Klein Reininghorses and Lakeside Horses own the fantastic stallion Cromeds Cowboy together.

Tranberga Gård Lakeside Horses


Lakeside Horses has collaborated with Tranberga Gård for many years, both in terms of semination and hay production from our own fields.  We see great value in Eva and Paul Pettersson's long experiences and great knowledge.

Hälldala Ranch Lakeside Horses


Hälldala Ranch is one of Sweden's largest western riding facilities, where shows and other events such as country gatherings with music are held every year. Lakeside Horses is both an arena sponsor and a show sponsor at competitions in the various disciplines of western riding.

Megs Djurbruk Lakeside Horses


Meg's Djurbruk has a deep knowledge of horses and their need for nutrition as well as products that facilitate sound horse keeping, which we value a lot in our operations. We use products from Megs Djurbruk on daily bases, both in terms of products for the horses and products for their outdoor boxes or pastures.

Lena Wolff Lakeside Horses



Lena Wolff is a successful trainer and show rider with all of Europe as a workplace and we are excited about our collaboration with Lena Wolff Performance Horses. We work with Lena to compete and show our performance, hunter and trail horses.

Hälldala Ranch Lakeside Horses


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You are welcome to contact us with questions about our breeding, our mares, foals, and stallions or book a meeting at our facility outside Malmö in Skåne.